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What is 95kPa packaging?

When shipping potentially infectious samples through the post or by courier, it is essential to   take every precaution to prevent exposure to the contents. Therefore, the packaging must comply with transport regulations, such as those recommended by the IATA. These require the primary or secondary packaging to be able to withstand an internal differential pressure of 95kPa without leakage. A pressure of 95kPa is 0.95 bar (1 bar being equivalent to atmospheric pressure at sea level). An increase of a further 95kPa within a container is therefore equivalent to almost twice atmospheric pressure - about the same as that used in a pressure cooker.

Faulkner Export Packaging is a major manufacturer and exporter of technically sophisticated and superior performance medical, pharmaceutical and electronics high technology packaging.

With an international customer base spanning Europe, The Americas, Asia, The Middle East and Africa, we understand the needs and demands of these specialised industries and strive to exceed the expectation of excellence in every way.

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Our Diagnostic & Biological Substance Category B and bio-hazardous products conform with all applicable regulations for shipping medical specimens including: UN/ICAO, ADR P620 and P650, ECE/

TRANS/225, Vol. I and II ("ADR 2013"). US DOT, IATA, CDC, and USPS.

Faulkner Export Packaging's 95kPa products are geared to be utilized for both Infectious and

Diagnostic Biological Substance-Category B Samples. Special printing with your own brand or logo is available.